Views, a Fine Art Collection

Views is a collection in five movements


The series started as an exploration of the spirit. I was simultaneously taken by the adage "eyes as windows to the soul" and a desire to work with bodies and landscapes. As is typical, the art began to grow and develop on its own, expanding far beyond my initial thoughts. Within each fine art movement, I explore the intersections of communication, passion, and nature. 

The body as landscape


Within each art object, the subjects—images of nude men taken from tumblrs, Reddits, and other gay pornography sharing sites—echo the objectification of human beings and the sexualization of anything labeled Queer. The artist used found image, then hand- and digitally-rendered them throughout the fine art collections. 

Gay art is fine art


The eroticized gaze of the primary subjects also carries into the landscapes. Power lines, street lights,  wind generators, and street scenes echo the commodification of humanity while simultaneously celebrate the beauty of energy and connection. The contrast of celebration and criticism reinforces the beauty of each fine art painting.