Digital Art Portraits

A digital fine art portrait depicting a young woman looking to the left. Artist embellishments.

K Ryan Henisey's digital sketchbook can be seen on Instagram @kryanhenisey.

You are Fine Art

Digital Portraits


My digital portraits are rendered from photographs. I sketch them on my iPad, using the Sketches application and a stylus. The mixture of bright colors and variety of face makes this a favorite part of my art practice. 

An Art Surprise


As part of my regular practice, I randomly select followers or solicit volunteers to render in digital fine art portraits. I love how appreciative my fellow instagrammers are when I surprise them with a sketch. It's like an instalottery.

Get Your Own


But what if you want a portrait now? Just visit my shop or the featured items below. Then select the style of portrait you want and how you want to use it. Complete your purchase and I'll reach out to you personally to get started. 

Sketching Now


The most recent work is focused on Trans Men. I'm currently looking for volunteers to complete me third set of 100 digital portraits. If you identify as a Trans Man and would like to be drawn, my gift to you, stop me a line. 

A Queer Focus


I identify as a queer man and focus much of my fine art on LGBT and Social Justice themes. One of my favorite things about the portrait projects is the diversity of faces I encounter. All persons who come with love are welcome here. 

Be Sure to Follow


Follow me on Instagram to keep up with the digital sketchbook, new portraits, fine art, and upcoming exhibitions. Be sure to say hello or ask a question in the comments. And who knows? You could be a piece of art too. 

Digital Fine Art Portraits