Pantheon – new works by artist K Ryan Henisey

Queer gods as fine art

Pantheon is a new body of work from Artist K. Ryan Henisey depicting queer gods from global mythic traditions.

Opening May 11 at Gallery 825

Constructing Queer mythologies

Each fine art piece showcases a Queer, mythic being, fragmented into a reliquary-like collages that include framed and unframed works on canvas, paper, and digital media.

Reconstructing meaning from the past

The deities displayed in Pantheon reflect ancient but still meaningful tropes using contemporary materials to form and underscore the shape and meaning of each figure.

Who's Who - A Queer Pantheon in Fine Art



Xochipilli is the Prince of Flowers and father of my Queer Pantheon. The Aztec god's portfolio includes art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, song, hallucinogens, poisons, Queers, and prostitution. Xochipilli is an installation of mixed media, mounted directly to the wall.

Sedna & Tu Er Shen


Sedna is an Inuit goddess of the Sea and Marine life. Cast from her tribe, she became the unrelenting seawitch, governing predators and storms. Tu Er Shen is the Rabbit God, executed in ancient China for peeping on his lord. Tu Er Shen governs the love between men.

Odin & Horus

A detailed photo of the paper collage, Horus, by artist K Ryan Henisey.

Odin is the all-father of Norse mythologies. He was also known as a pracitioner of Seithr, a type of magic reserved only for women for it involved passive sexual rights. Horus (above) is the sky-god of Egyptian mythos. Numerous stories involve the sexual power-struggle between Horus and his uncle, Set. 

Inari & Shaytaan

An image of the artist with his collage painting of the goddess Inari.

Inari is the fox-god of Japanese lore, kami over agriculture, rice, and fertility. Shaytaan is the Jinn-lord from Islamic lore, ruling over magic and rebellion. Both are tricksters, known for changing genders to suit their desires.

Gwydion & Gilfaethwy

A mixed media paintings of Gwydion and Gilfaethwy by artist K Ryan Henisey.

Gwydion and Gilfaethwy are brothers from Welsh mythology. The two are punished by King Math for the rape of his foot-holder, transforming into mated pairs of deer, boar, and wolf over. three year span. During their exile, the brothers produce three children: Hyddwn, Hychddwn, and Bleiddwn. 

Apollo & Soma

The god Soma as a patterned paper-cutting by artist K Ryan Henisey.

Apollo is the sun-god of Classical, Greek Mythos. He had many affairs across gender-lines, including the tragic love triangle between Hyacinthus, Zephyrus, and himself. Soma is a moon-god from Hindu myth, and husband to Agni, god of fire. Agni ritualistically receives Soma's semen as part of the Hindu cosmology.