Status Haiku

Status Haiku Cover

Status Haiku is a collection of one thousand haiku interspersed with photography. These haiku replaced my status updates on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

The collected thousand haiku range in theme and content, covering subjects such as love, lust, work, commuting, body image, place, and time. Written in western haiku style, these accessible micro-poems are formed of three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Many of the poems are small riddles of thought and time:

Snarled in her snake-like

Hair, commuters pray to not

Be frozen in place.

Others are expressions of life, poetically acting as place holders for status updates:

Oh, Starbucks latte!

You make this Friday’s Ahab

A bit more Ishmael.

Throughout the thousand poems, the reader will encounter moments of love, fear, hope, and joy. This nine month journey of haiku status is filled with crystalized moments from my life.

It’s like folding words;

I wonder if, like cranes, there’s

A wish at the end.

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