Sleepy Safari

SS Cover

Download the book for free on your iPad or Mac.

Also Available for Kindle Devices.

Imagine laying your child down, but rather than ducks or sheep, you have a safari of animals to sing them to sleep.

The happy animals in this book rest under a dreamy blue-violet sky filled with smiling stars and would add an elegant touch to any children’s library.

This book is the collected paintings of the Sleepy Safari set to a lyrical ballad that’s perfect for lulling any little one right to sleep. This book is special to me because it’s dedicated to my niece – the first of my family’s next generation. May all the children in our lives have happy dreams.

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7 thoughts on “Sleepy Safari

    1. Laurie!
      Thank you for the request. Right now, the only editions of the books are for iTunes (free Download!!!) and Kindle (which includes a wide variety of devices). But look out for a youtube reading of Sleepy Safari in the future.

      My publication plan includes seeking print versions in the future. Currently, I am working on the other four books in the Sleepy Series and I hope to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for an omnibus edition, coloring pages, and other sleep-routine tools for 2016.

      In the meantime, continue to download the books (every little bit helps me focus more time and energy on the children’s projects) and share them with everyone you know. The more people who download the books, follow the blog and like the Facebook Page the better!

      Thanks so much, Laurie!

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