Keyshia Blige, Say Her Name

KeyshiaBligeKeyshia Blige is the 19th trans woman murdered this year in this United States. Her murder occurred in March but because she was misgendered by authorities and the media, she was not properly identified until August 2015. Though Blige’s murder is not being labeled a hate crime by law enforcement, her death (and the eighteen this year that precede her) points to the systemic problems of American Transphobia that often result in violence, suicide and death.

Transgender women face a one in twelve chance of being murdered in the United States; Transgender women have a one in eight chance.

#SayHerName is currently a 19 piece set of 18 x 24 watercolor and ink portraits of Trans Women killed in the Untied States during 2015. Each piece is painted in reds and blues with negative white space as a dramatic contrasting element. This red, white and blue color scheme reflects the citizenship of the women and the culture which produced their deaths. Paint is splattered across the pristine white of each page, representing the violence each woman faced. The backgrounds are listed in the number that their death was reported (not necessarily the order that they occurred).


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