The Getaway 

Okay, it isn’t much of a getaway when you housesit for a friend three or four miles down the way; but it is a getaway when the house is AMAZINGLY beautiful and you get a pool and jacuzzi for the summer days AND nights! (Also central air, grilling, views of the city, and all the cable you could ever want). 
  But the best part of my little summer getaway-down-the-street was watching the light and color play off of the stunning, old-Hollywood, Spanish Style architecture of the home. 

  During the day, the walls would sing with whites and gentle blue shadows, then burst to life at sunset, catching the radiance like clouds. Even at night, the home took on a special luster, glowing from within and reflecting the night without. 

Each drawing is watercolor and ink on 140 lb paper, 9×12. 

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