A Prayer Goodnight 

As we close the evening and say goodnight, I’d like to offer a prayer to my trans sisters murdered this year. May you find peace. May you find place. May you encourage us, in your absence to find love and compassion for all. I love you. Amen. 

Pictured in this series are the first ten reported murders of teams women in 2015. The count stands at 18 with controversy surrounding the 19th. Their names are: 

Lamia Beard sayhername 

Ty Underwood sayhername 

Jazmin Vash Payne sayhername 

Taja de Jesus sayhername 

Penny Proud sayhername 

Bri Golec sayhername 

Kristina Gomez Reinwald sayhername 

London Chanel sayhername 

Mercedes Williamson sayhername 

India Clarke sayhername 

K C Haggard sayhername 

Amber Monroe sayhername 

Shade Schuler sayhername 

Elisha Walker sayhername

Kandis Capri sayhername 

Ashton O’Hara sayhername 

Tamara Dominguez sayhername 

Jasmine Collins sayhername 

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