2011 (30 of 49)


I’m obsessed with The Fourteen; this might be due to the frequency with which I commuted it’s concrete paths.  I did the math; in a full school year, I spent just about three hundred sixty hours on the freeway.  That’s about fifteen days, if I lined the hours back to back.  Needles to say, it fills my mind from time to time.

The freeway is paper. I chose fourteen songs that I listened to frequently over the past year. Some of them are current, some nostalgic, some a bit hokey. Regardless, each of the songs plays a role on my frame of mind.

There are references to place in the painting.  The line of the freeway is intended to mimic the actual freeway, artistically.  There are stucco homes on a hillside, the interchange with the I-5, and a string of power lines.

I chose to make moon and sunbursts for the sky.  Over the scope of the year, watching Night come to dominate the sky and then give way again, both daily and seasonally, influenced that decision.

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