The Dawn of Time



There are many stories of the beginning but they all begin with light. For the Ancient Greeks, Chaos sprang from the nothingness, her life a stark contrast to the Void. From the joining of Chaos and the Void was Light. That light, for many Polynesian’s, was the Voice of Io – the all-father. When he spoke, the darkness was illuminated and the empty spaces were filled with expanding life. His songs became the fabric of reality, each thread an infinite piece in that tapestry of the universe.

The Dawn of Time is part of an ongoing series of watercolor and ink paintings called Out of the Darkness. This series retells the movement out of savagery and violence through a lens of shared global mythology. Pieces 1-5 of Out of the Darkness were awarded second place overall at South Bay Contemporary’s All Themes Considered juried show, 2014.



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