A Portrait of Lamia Beard #SayHerName


Lamia Beard was found on January 17, 2015. She was the first reported murder of a Transgender Woman in the United States this year. She was thirty years old. Lamia was also misgendered in early reportings and by law enforcement agencies.

The National Coalition of Antiviolence reported 18 anti-LGBTQ homicides in 2013. Of those homicide victims, 89% were people of color. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of homicide victims were transgender women, and 67% were transgender women of color. In comparison, there were 12 transgender murders in 2014 and 16 reported transgender murders for 2015 to date (with nearly half of the year to go). Of the murders this year, more than three quarters have been women of color.

#ArtToEndViolence is a series of paintings, watercolor and mixed media, dedicated to highlighting the violence experienced by Trans, Gay, and Black citizens within the United States. Each piece from the #SayHerName collection is watercolor and ink on 18×24 inch, 140lb paper. The titular piece to the series recently won an Award of Excellence in Fine Art at The California State Fair. Pieces from the collection have appeared and are available in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Laguna Beach and Sacramento. #BlueHolocaust will be on display at the Kellogg University Art Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona for Ink & Clay 41 in September.

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