Selfies, What Do You See 

What do you see when you encounter someone different? What are the words that come to mind? Are they filled with hate it are they filled with kind? 

Clothed in the gaze of others, the marginalized are known by different terms; not human nor brother, not sister nor friend. Catching an image of the self, transformation occurs. What was once harmful becomes armor and righteous rage. 

#Selfies is a tryptic of Watercolor and Ink Pen drawings depicting the projections of the mother culture on Trans, Gay and Black citizens. Each piece is 18×24 inches, watercolor, ink pen and sharpie on 140lb paper. All three are available for purchase. 

#Selfies is the latest set in K. Ryan Henisey’s series, #ArtToEndViolence, of which the titular piece was awarded an Award of Excellence in Fine Art from the Calfornia State Fair.

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