Portraits for Change 

 #hernamewastalyor & #hisnamewasash are part of a collection of #trans #teen portraits highlighting the loss and societal pressures faced by trans youth on display Orange County Creatives Gallery for June.

Each portrait is acrylic on canvas, 18×24. 

LGBT youth experience a much larger amount of societal pressure, bullying, and child abuse than their cis peers. Gay and lesbian teens have a much higher rate of suicide with 20% attempting to take their own life before aged 24. Trans youth fate far worse with rates higher than 40%. When compared to the rates of cis teens, steady at about 3-4% it becomes apparent that there is something rotten in American sociological attitudes towards queerness. 

#ArtToEndViolence is a series of works dedicated to highlighting the cost of racism, homophobia and transphobia. The titular pieces has been accepted for Fine Art at the CA State Fair, 2015. 

5 thoughts on “Portraits for Change 

      1. The irony is that Midge Lynn and I went to CSUN together and graduated 1982. She’s listed as President of your organization. I’ll come by the gallery the 19th. Very excited to see the exhibit. Thanks for your response.

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