A portrait of Leelah Alcorn. 

She is painted in acrylic with a gel medium. The cut outs are atlas pages of the United States and Ohio. 


“When I was 14, I learned what transgender meant and cried of happiness. After 10 years of confusion I finally understood who I was. I immediately told my mom, and she reacted extremely negatively, telling me that it was a phase, that I would never truly be a girl, that God doesn’t make mistakes, that I am wrong. If you are reading this, parents, please don’t tell this to your kids. Even if you are Christian or are against transgender people don’t ever say that to someone, especially your kid. That won’t do anything but make them hate them self. That’s exactly what it did to me.” Leelah Alcorn was made to feel uncomfortable with her gender by her family and the religious community to which they belong. On December 29, 2014, she took her life, stating in her note, ‘I am never going to be happy.”
Leelah is both a ghost image and a fragmented map of despair in #PiecesofHer. #ArttoEndViolence explores the notable deaths of Transgender, Gay, and African Anericans, highlighting the injustice and indignity of harm against their persons. 

Leelah faced the abuse of familial intolerance and bullying. She was alienated in her own skin. 


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