5 Fully Illustrated Books for Kids by Award Winning Artist and Veteran Teacher

Download the fully illustrated works of 10 year teacher and award winning artist, K. Ryan Henisey, to your e-reader device from the Kindle and iTunes stores.

100 Monsters

There’s no need to be afraid of the dark or things that go bump in the night. Explore the world of myth and monsters in this 2 for 1 book! Children will delight at this adorable rhyming book and monster encyclopedia.

Each monster is fully illustrated in K. Ryan Henisey’s award winning, watercolor and ink style. Children and families will sing along, listing all the classical creatures that don’t scare them at all.

Both ‘100 Monsters’ and the ‘Monstrous Encyclopedia’ teach children not to be afraid. With sweet faces and bright smiles, each illustrated monster encourages bravery.

Dreamy Desert

Dreamy Desert CoverPut your children to sleep as the sun sinks down behind a bold desert sky. The happy animals in this downloadable e-book rest beneath the desert sunset and inspire restful sleep among children of any age. Smiling stars and friendly, familiar animals smile throughout the pages as they cuddle close in their natural habitat.

The gentle, watercolor illustrations and lyrical ballad are perfect for soothing your little one into the land of dreams.

Sleepy Safari

SS Cover

Imagine laying your child down, but rather than ducks or sheep, you have a safari of animals to sing them to sleep. The happy animals in this book rest under a dreamy blue-violet sky filled with smiling stars and would add an elegant touch to any children’s library.

This book is the collected paintings of the Sleepy Safari set to a lyrical ballad that’s perfect for lulling any little one right to sleep. This book is special to me because it’s dedicated to my niece – the first of my family’s next generation. May all the children in our lives have happy dreams.


The Monster Ballad

Front Cover Print

Beware this world where monsters roam,
It’s filled with deadly fright;
Beware the shadows and the dark,
Those glowing eyes at night. 

Inside The Monster Ballad readers confront creatures from legends around the world.  Medusa, Banshee, Yara-Ma, Werewolf, and many more can be found within its pages.

Beware, for monsters lurk everywhere.

The Thirteen Nights of Halloween

On the thirteenth night of Halloween my mom-ster frightened me with thirteen dancing devils...

The Thirteen Nights of Halloween is adapted from the famous carol, The Twelve Nights of Christmas.

Kids will love to sing along with these new verses and Halloween monsters

Inside you’ll find ghosts, witches, zombies, and more.

Happy Halloween

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