The Mini Forest 


Ah! An afternoon in the Mini Forest, my balcony garden. 

Elmy and Twisty had slight trims. Elmy (Chinese Elm, bottom right) still has a slight bald area on her top, but I think she’ll back fill nicely this year now that she’s at full health. Twisty (Flowering Tea Tree, bottom left) is flowering up a storm.  


Gemini, the new juniper had a massive and well needed cutback. I also added another layer of soil to help secure her rootball. She’ll be wired this year to begin training for a full cascade.

The new lingustrums (? I think they may be a privet type), Gully (bottom middle) and Twiggy (top left) had dead branches cut away. They’ll need the most care this spring. 

Other things were moved around to make a cozy little copse. You can see the boxwood, who will be trained for bonsai this year then repotted in a shallow dish next spring, succulents, the ornamental grasses, bonsai and umbrella tree. 

My babies are coming in. This is an ambitious project, growing dwarf lemons from seed. Wish me luck (and patience). 


This lucky bamboo was a gift from a student in 2004. It’s still lucky 11 years later! 


Happy Saturday! 

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