Starting Anew


Here’s a peek at the very beginnings of a new series. This collection of portraits will feature people killed through senseless acts of violence. Tyler Clementi is the first subject. He’ll be joined by young black men killed in the name of ‘defense,’ women slain because of their birth gender, and other young gays. All were killed through violent means. 

This is my response to our current climate. These paintings are to bring awareness to #blacklivesmatter #gaylivesmatter #translivesmatter #allivesmatter campaigns. 

As a teacher, I’ve had hundreds of children. Now as an uncle, I have a special set of children. Let’s lead them to better and freer days. 

More to follow as the series progresses. 

3 thoughts on “Starting Anew

    1. Thank you. It does for me as well. These issues (of violence) have long been weighing heavy on my heart. Already, another trans teenager has killed themselves this week. Another black man was gunned downed – in his home – by police in an American city, and a citizen of California is circulating a petition to make it law that all gays and their allies be killed on sight. Thankfully, awareness is growing; but we have so much more to do.

      Thank you, Marika.

      1. It seems like there is a polarizing that is happening in the US. I don’t want to believe that it as much a hate or fear of other people, but that these people hate and fear their own lives. And I’m not saying this to excuse them, but to understand in order aid a disturbing societal problem. It is the way evil is formed that bothers me. We are not born evil, it is learned. Therefore, education is huge in aiding the problem, on all levels (I’m a former teacher as well).

        Educating for hope and creating a society of abundance is really important. I worry that the polarization is a sign that hope is waning, as well as meaning and connectedness which are necessary for compassion and love.

        Ultimately, we are in for a bumpy ride, I fear. Sometimes, things get worse before getting better… and then they are beautiful. I hope that for this journey.

        Please know, I am an ally in this fight.

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