Make Something 

Hyacinths in my window. In myth, Hyacinthus was the doomed lover of Apollo and Zephyrus. his blood is what colors the flower.

Back to the idea of inspiration! 

One of my most effective tools for practicing the emotion of inspiration is engaging in the visceral act of creation. I practice in a variety of ways – from my obsession with my hair to my bonsai garden and from cooking to the new hobby of bulb flowers. Because my hands are constantly busy with the act of creation, the mind and body continue to produce the emotional hormones that keep me inspired. 

The body – and emotional reactions are an extension of the body – is like any other tool in your inventory. I know that I need to create in order to feel inspired. So I dig in the soil and I saturate my curiosity with research.

New Babes for the bonsai garden. I need help identifying their type.

Art is much more than painting. Inspiration doesn’t come because you will it or wait for it. You have to encourage it. The artist must gently encourage the spark and blow it into life. And like a fire, inspiration must constantly be fed. It is an emotion, which makes it a chemical, which makes it reproducible. 

How will you feed your inspiration? Try cooking? Gardening? A new sport. 

Hyacinths in the window.

2 thoughts on “Make Something 

  1. I love creating. I love doing nail art, makeup, hair, writing, drawing. I recently planted my first seed (a marigold) and my next project is to build a coffee table. For creative people like us, our hands and our minds have to keep moving. Great post.

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