Slumbering Sea – Book 3 in K. Ryan Henisey’s Restful Readers

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Come with me to the very edge, 
Where dreams go running free, 
And sleep within the turquoise arms 
Of the Slumbering Sea. 

Put your children to sleep as the stars come out above a gentle rolling sea. The happy animals in this downloadable e-book rest beneath the fading light and inspire restful sleep among children of any age. Smiling stars and friendly, familiar animals smile throughout the pages as they cuddle close in their natural habitat.

The gentle, watercolor illustrations and lyrical ballad are perfect for soothing your little one into the land of dreams. Slumbering Sea is the third book in a six book, sleepy-time series. It is preceded by Dreamy Desert and Sleepy Safari.

2 thoughts on “Slumbering Sea – Book 3 in K. Ryan Henisey’s Restful Readers

    1. It’s the manatee (also known as the sea cow). They are a special oceanic mammal in the Americas. They are big, round things that eat algae and mosses off the sea floor. Found mostly in the Gulf.

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