Urban Landscapes  – Paintings of Los Angeles by K. Ryan Henisey 

The west coast sprawl stretches, with only Camp Pendleton as a break, from the Mojave into the Mexican countryside, making it one of the longest stretches of urbanization in the world. Here’s a look at Los Angeles and her northern surrounds through my little hazel-green eyed. 

To say that the city and car culture influences my art would be an understatement! Despite the medium – photography, watercolor, acrylic – I am as deeply concerned with the impact of humanity on the environment as I am with the beauty of the natural landscape. 

Power lines are integral to the works – they literally frame reality, breaking one’s vision with solid, gently-curving black lines. The sky I live under has always been broken, segmented and framed. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Our signs of industry are also signs of life – life electric. 

Fourteen Curves, at top left, is currently on display at Location 1980 (my birth year! Woot!) in Costa Mesa. She and her sister, Fourteen (Middle) depict the 14, a freeway that carried me back and forth from the city to my suburban classrooms. Each uses mixed media to meditate on the thoughts, songs and scenery that make the typical Southern Californian commute. 

Los Angeles (bottom right) has been in a number of shows, including fresh at South Bay Contemporary – a massive art show curated by Mat Gleason. Los Angeles Blues (bottom left) is a large cityscape that echoes the thickness of the urban atmosphere; the city is so delicately painted that it glows in its own transparency (and when I say big, I mean it! She’s about 42×54″).

Sunset 138 (top right) captures sun as it rises behind a passing train in the Antelope Valley. 

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