Typhon – 100 Monsters

TyphonTyphon (tī fun)

Monster Type: Demi-god

Location: Mount Etna

Size: Large

Typhon is the father of all monsters. Typhon has the winged body and head of a man. Instead of legs, Typhon has four great tails and instead of fingers, hundreds of small, writhing tentacles.

Zeus imprisoned Typhon beneath Mount Etna. The smoke and fire of the volcano is believed to be Typhon’s breath.

 Download Typhon, his monster bride Echidna, and all the monsters in their book, 100 Monsters But I Am Not Afraid. Both ‘100 Monsters’ and the bonus ‘Monstrous Encyclopedia’ teach children not to be afraid. With sweet faces and bright smiles, each illustrated monster encourages bravery.

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