Dino Minis – Gifts for Little Boys

Purchase T-Rex in the Etsy Shop
Purchase T-Rex in the Etsy Shop

Fill your life with wonder and whimsy. Each mini-watercolor is a unique and special painting created by award winning artist, teacher and illustrator, K. Ryan Henisey. These elegant illustrations add the perfect touch to any space.

T-Rex always has the biggest grin. He loves to play at the foot of the volcano, enjoying the company of the other dinosaurs and the warm, glowing heat. Won’t you invite him home to play a game?

Each painting is an original and no two look alike. Gentle watercolor washes are used behind each illustration. Full of color and light, these joyful paintings are sure to captivate any heart.

T-Rex is 5×5, watercolor and ink on paper. Framed selections ship in a natural finished wood frame, ready to hang or stand, in a gift box. Unframed selection are shipped in a clear plastic sleeve with cardboard backing.

Cera WallBigGuy Wall

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