Hummingbirds, Simplicity in Action

Hummingbird 3 Watercolor 5x5 K. Ryan Henisey
Hummingbird 3
Watercolor 5×5
K. Ryan Henisey

They flit through verdant skies. With hearts beating over 1,000 times per minute, Hummingbirds must hurry through their lives.

Hummingbirds 2-4 are on Display at Orange County Creatives in Laguna Beach as part of “Simplicity,” a national juried competition. The three 5×5 paintings were selected from over 200 entries. See more of the show and visit Orange County Creatives.

4 thoughts on “Hummingbirds, Simplicity in Action

    1. Oh, good! Small birds are often seen in fairytales as helpers, guides, and friendly spirits. Hummingbirds are rarely seen in stories outside of Native American lore because they are indigenous only to the Americas. It’s nice to thinks of the little birds that populate my home finding a place in the stories and myths that we all have shared!

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