The Thirteen Nights of Halloween

On the thirteenth night of Halloween my mom-ster frightened me with thirteen dancing devils...Instead of counting down Lords, Ladies and birds for the pear tree, kids sing down the critters given by their “Mom-ster” in this delightful book that adapts the classic Christmas Carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, with critters and monsters from Halloween Lore.

This whimsical book is fully illustrated with silhouettes of wretched beings. Encounter black cats, goblins, witches, trolls and more. Each creature is added the the Skeleton Tree as the song progresses.

Perfect for children 3-10, The Thirteen Night’s of Halloween teaches base ten coating in the rhythmic joy of a song.




Keep up with the monsters on Facebook and download The Thirteen Nights of Halloween on iTunes. 

2 black cats

4 Grinning pumpkins

6 Ghosts-a-haunting

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