2nd Place in Art Show

Birth of CreationLast night I won second place in South Bay Contemporary’s “All Themes Considered” show. It was such and honor to be chosen for the show, which was jurored and curated by Scott Canty, Director for the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barsdall, and even more so to win.

AS many of you know, Barnsdall is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. I was overjoyed to be part of this collection of artists. The work there is amazing. You can see some of it here on the SBC Facebook page or here on their website.

I submitted the first five paintings of my series, Out of the Darkness, to the show and each was selected. They are all 18 x 24 watercolor and ink drawings depicting scenes from global mythology. Stories include the beginning of time, birth of creation, and many more.

If you have the opportunity, please visit the gallery and take a look. All of the artwork is stunning.

Parental discretion advised: my fine art work contains mature themes. 


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