Open Call L.A. – I’m In!

SY140322_LAMunicipal_OpenCall_0253Yesterday might have be the second most fun I’ve ever had waiting in line (The first is a different story about our first date). I took three of the paintings over to Barnsdall Art Park for Open Call L.A. Barnsdall is home to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House (currently under restoration), a lovely park, an amazing gallery and is one of Los Angeles’ jewels.

I met a few new friends while we waited (I arrived about a half hour before the doors opened) and visited with a dear friend who lives nearby. The atmosphere was wonderful, everyone talking and sharing. SnapYourself had set themselves up right by the door, taking pictures of the artists with their work. That’s my happy face, three hours in.


I took Rhino, The Pirate Hoard, and Los Angeles for the show. Each artist is limited to three pieces. The opening is March 30 and the exhibit runs until April 12. My pieces are number 229-231.

This annual event is open to all artists in Southern California. You just have to get your act in gear and decide what you want to show. The paintings, photographs, sculptures and collage that I saw were amazing. I can’t wait to see them all next week.

4 thoughts on “Open Call L.A. – I’m In!

  1. Wish I could come 🙂 Also I laughed when I read “second most” fun you’ve had waiting in line since I also have many awesome waiting-in-line experiences. Have a great opening and show.

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