Pages from Sleepy Safari


Download the full book for free on iTunes!

These are pages from my latest book, Sleepy Safari. Available on Mac and iPad. Happy Holidays!

Please share with the families in your life!

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2 thoughts on “Pages from Sleepy Safari

  1. I’ve been scrolling through most of your art for like a 1/2 hour now, and not to sound rude — but I actually do feel sleepy more and more from picture to picture!

    I’m not saying your pictures are sleep inducing, rather, they are brilliant and trigger psychological responses from viewers … which is, lets admit, absolutely wicked!

    You clearly invest a lot of time into making these drawing, and I’ll give the credit where it’s due, therefore, this comment.

    ALSO: One of my friends has recenetly started a blog where she challenges her followers to participate and she’s not getting much feedback, regardless of trying so so hard, please give her a chance:

    Sorry if that counts as spam (me promoting her blog): I honestly do not know any better. My blog just got people coming, but hers isn’t getting many.

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