Monster Ballad – Grootslang

This is Grootslang.

The Monster Ballad - Grootslang

The Grootslang is a tremendous monster that inhabits the deep caves of the African coast.  Legends say that when the gods formed man and beast, they assembled the pieces for the grootslang realizing too late the monstrosity they had made.  They tried to strike them down, severing the beasts into elephants and snakes but a small handful escaped their reach.  These grootslang still inhabit the dark places beneath the earth.

Grootslang Detail

Tribesmen know to give these great beasts a wide berth; however, tales of their amassed diamonds have led foolish treasure hunters deep into the coastal caves.  One adventurer, Peter Grayson, thought he would enrich himself on the grootslang’s diamond.  “There is no such thing as monsters,” he told his guides.  One by one, his five companions abandoned him.  They fell to fever and snake bites before ever reaching the grootslang’s caves.  Grayson, however, pressed on and was never heard from again.

Grootslang Poem

The grootslang is said to resemble an elephant and a snake.  Their tough leathery hide is believed to be coppery in hue, streaked with green veining.  Tribesmen tell tales of the grootslang luring elephants into their lair for food, such is the appetite of these great monsters.

Grootslang Detail

Grootslang is the twenty-sixth monster of the Monster Ballad series.
It is Acrylic on paper, (18 x 24).

Grootslang detail

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