Monster Ballad – Kikituk

This is Kikituk.


The Kikituk was a familiar to Inuit Shamans. These great, reptilian dogs were known for their massive maws and numerous teeth. It is said that the bite of a Kikituk contained great magic and could either kill in the near instant or heal the greatest of wounds.

Kikituk - detail

Shamans were known to control the Kikituk with their magic. But Shamans, like many magic-users, were territorial. Epic battles between powerful magicians were said to take place under the Northern Lights. Such spectacled must have been awesome to behold.

kikituk detail 2

Kikituk have never been found in the wild. Some scholars believe that these creatures were created by their shamans; others think they may come from another dimension. Regardless of magical theory, the Kikituk is a creature of great mystery.

Kikituk poem

Here are a few Kikituk I found in my travels. This set resides in the University Museum in Fairkbanks, Alaska.


Kikituk is the eighteenth monster of the Monster Ballad series.
It is Acrylic on paper, (18 x 24).

Kikituk - Lights

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7 thoughts on “Monster Ballad – Kikituk

  1. Great painting and the explanation is really good too. I appreciate having the context for this really unfamiliar monster. Like those northern lights – did you see any?

    1. Thanks! I was so inspired in Alaska, I had to dedicate a monster to it.

      Yes, we saw some faint northern lights. They were to faint for photographs, but beautiful and ephemeral.

      1. I love the northern lights, but have only seen them a few times – we get them this far south once in a very long while, and very faint.

        Maybe you will get back to Alaska in the summer sometime.

      2. Yes. I’d love to see all if the animals and plants in their glory. But it was nice to catch the tail end of winter – I’d never been around so much snow/cold. It was amazing.

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