Fine art to end Violence


Art Speaks

#ArttoEndViolence is a series of fine art portraits highlighting social injustice in the United States. 


Award Winning

The first, and titular piece (above) won an Award of Excellent in Fine Arts at the 2015 California State Fair.

The Artwork



A series of nine fine art watercolor portraits, #arttoendviolence won an Award of Excellence at the California State Fair in 2015.



#blueholocaust contrasts the killings of black youth in the United States with those of Jewish and Romani boys during the Nazi occupation of Europe. 



#walterscott was created using stills from the viral footage that broadcast the titular figure's murder at the hands of law enforcement. 



#hisnamewasfreddie is a fine art watercolor collage depicting Freddie Gray and the unrest throughout Baltimore after his death. 



#gaylivesmatter is a watercolor collage contrasting the murders of three gay men from the 70's, 80's, and 90's with current political hate speech. 



#translivesmatter is a fine art, watercolor portrait collage depicting three transgender teenagers who tragically took their own lives.