Haiku & Photography

Rapture Gold


My midnight sun grasps,

Hands alive and warm through the

Cold hours of the dark.



Clouds, silvered with Dawn

Are the envy of Stones; They

Dream of weightlessness.



Trying not to

Curse at other drivers; I

Might cut my tongue out.



Bounty of gold, skies

Clear; the spirit of summer

Lingers into fall.



Red balloon, loosed to

The atmosphere, makes spiral

Play of winds and cloud.



The block and Neptune’s

Breath balance my weight from

Mercury and Mars.



Sunday steams and suds;

The Laundromat is packed this

Early hour.



The way your skin is

Drawn makes incense of the mind,

Climate of the heart.



Looking east, Mountain

Wears a crown of light. The sun

Rises.  Summer ebbs.



There’s art and terror,

Walking those fine lines between

Subversion and hate.

13 thoughts on “Haiku & Photography

  1. Oh, wow, Ryan. Love these. I chuckled at this line:

    “I Might cut my tongue out.”

    I have never liked Haiku as much as when you write them. You make them so accessible, yet still so poetic and beautiful too.

    So thank you. :)

    1. Thank you!

      Seriously – I have an atrocious potty-mouth when I’m driving. I try to stop but it’s so hard. Lol.

      Thank you thank you thank you.

      When I started this practice I wanted the haiku to take the place of my Facebook status. As such, I really tried to keep the language realistic and natural while engaging in the poetic. I’m glad you find them accessible – that was the goal.

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